Online Quran Classes

Minhaj-ul-Quran Online Academy is an online service which provides Online Quran Classes for Muslims who want to learn more about the Holy Quran and their religion. The online Quran classes are for all kinds of age groups. Whether, you want to make your child learn or you yourself are looking forward to read the Holy Quran, then feel free to join us whenever you can.

We provide several services. Some of the classes provided by us are as mentioned below.

Islamic Studies for children:

It is important that our kids are aware of the Islamic teachings and principles. Kids should be taught Islamic teachings from an early stage so that they are able to understand their religion better. Moreover, it is our duty as a Muslim adult to teach our young Muslim children. This is why we have this course for children so that they are enlightened by Islam through love and devotion.

Memorization of the Holy Quran:

If you are willing to not only read the Holy Quran but, also memorize it then you can take this class. Under this class you will be taught the various techniques that will help you memorize the Holy Quran word to word.

Read and recite the Holy Quran:

It is our duty as a Muslim to read the Holy Quran. Once in our lives it is compulsory to finish reading the Holy Quran. We are here to help you do that. Under this course you will be addressed the rules and regulations of Tafseer as well.

Quran translation:

There are many people who want to not only read and recite the Holy Quran, but also understand it. But, we all know how hard it is to understand Arabic. This is why we can translate it into English, Urdu or any other language which we understand better so that we are able to know what the Holy Quran is telling us. The verses and the ayats of the Holy Quran are translated and we able to learn what they are telling us.

Our tutors are able to provide you what you need. All you need to do is contact us and let us know. We will make sure all your demands are fulfilled. Our online Quran academy is providing several services for its fellow customers.

Our contact numbers are available on our page. We are available through out the day. In this way, you can contact our whenever you have time. Till then, Take care.

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