Our Quran Teachers

The study of the Holy Quran and our religion is our duty as a Muslim. And, for that we require capable teachers that can help us achieve that. This is why, our Online Quran Academy makes sure we have the most right teachers with us to teach you more about your religion and can help you get closer to Allah and His teachings.

We provide several services, that include, Quran memorization, online Quran reading, Quran with Tafseer, Quran translation, etc. For all these courses we have a capable staff which will help you at their level best.

We believe it is important for our teachers to have the following qualities


Our teachers value your time, just the way they value your money. Our teachers make sure they do not waste you time and that a lot is learned in the little time you give us. Our tutors are quite punctual, they will never be late for a class. If you have missed any class or you are unable to show up for class due to something important, then we will try to manage a makeup class for you as well. In this way, with the right use of time, our teachers will be of great help to you.


Our tutors know that you have just started reading and recited the Holy Quran. We are also aware that everybody takes a little time to get a hang of everything. In this way, our teachers understand and do not rush things. They are considerate. They understand your situation with patience and devotion.


Our teachers will stay within your reach whenever you need them. It does not mean that your tutor is only there for you during your class, but you can also talk to them after or before your class. Our teachers will be available to you whenever you need to talk to them about anything important.

Our staff is trained and well experienced. Our staff has the right knowledge concerning the Islamic studies. Moreover, we have several tutors who have degrees in Islamic education. This makes our staff even more capable and strong. We also have Islamic scholars.

Female Teachers:

Our staff consists of male and female tutors, both. There are several Muslim females who feel more comfortable around Female teachers. To be able to learn better, it is important that we are comfortable around our tutors. This is why, we have female teachers as well.

Feel free to contact us whenever you can. We have an eligible staff which can guide you further in every way they can. Stay in touch for more updates concerning our Online Quran Academy.